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The products to be selected by personal micro-businessmen must meet the following key factors: fast consumption, high turnohow to make money writing for addictinginfover rate, large industry scale, good product quality, strong universality, a single product line can support, moderate price and profit margins Too big fluctuations, Taobao loopholes to make money, it is best to make products from companies established more than 4-5 years or products from well-known big brands. Without this foundation, the companies and products that were scammed before will still pile up your goods at home.

This type of site does not require high traffic. It only needs high-quality traffic to make money. The income is considerable. It is also the most promising method for webmasters to make money online in the future. It is suitable for webmasters with certain product advantages. For example, it is a good choice to sell some local specialties and local products with special characteristics. As long as there is a price advantage, the channel advantage is a good choice.

The official account of a large company. Many large companies, or companies that are already well-known on other platforms, have also opened sales channels on WeChat and have achieved certain sales results. But more companies just use WeChat as a means of customer maintenance.

6. Platform rewards: Since the launch of the Sina Zimedia "Sina Zimedia" program, Weibo Weibo people can earn income by reading the original Weibo. Weibo e-commerce self-media person Gong Wenxiang once broke the news that he earned 6,000 yuan in just half a month by reading the original Weibo.

This has also rekindled the enthusiasm of the majority of Wangzhuan bloggers to promote it. I saw that 43636.com has started to push again. They are really awesome and have already made 10,000+ yuan.

3. After completing point 1, click "My Survey", and you cahow to make money writing for addictinginfon see the questionnaire surveys you can do in "Executable Survey".

Recently, Hammer Technology CEO Luo Yonghao announced at the Geek Park event that Hammer has received 1 billion yuan in financing. This is undoubtedly good news for the hammer who has been in a financial crisis in the past year, but what this good news brings is a "scam" about Ali's investment.

Recently, the hottest news on the Internet is the news of Zhang Yuqi's divorce. Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan divorced. Zhang Yuqi said: I'm still not good at picking men's eyes, but it doesn't matter, I can do it. "It's said that men are afraid of choosing the wrong job, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. This is true, especially when I contacted my own experience, I think this sentence is reasonable.

It’s best to spend more time searching for jobs that are combined with your position. For example, if you are a customer service staff, then you can choose some Taobao online customer service. For example, if you are a WeChat promoter, you can choose some soft articles. The work of writing, because it is similar to the regular work I do, I can guarantee that it will not be very difficult in the future work process. Just imagine if I don’t know how to write writing, but I want to If you choose a part-time job for writing soft articles, it will be extremely difficult to do such a job. There is no doubt about this.

Use online platforms to promote small restaurants. For example, a newly opened restaurant can enjoy discounts if customers repost on WeChat Moments; Meituan customers can also enjoy discounts if they like and comment. If the hotel operator can operate from the media, he can also send creative videos of the hotel on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin; or establish a customer WeChat group to publish daily shopping videos, event details, etc., so that customers have a full understanding of the hotel. To understanding.

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